TP Audio Memos

Live life as if you were Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks.

Try Twin Peaks Audio Memos.

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Audio Memos

Take your audio memo taking to the next level with TP Audio Memos.
Unlimited audio notes, with a simple UI for recording and playback.

The Full Dale Cooper Experience

White vests sold separately.

Audio recording, playback and save

Create a new memo, make the recording, add a text note, save, and boom, your done. On to the next memo.

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Text input with every memo.
Easily label your memos, and add them to a bookmark list.

Bookmarking, edit, delete

Everything you could want in order to take notes, and summarize your audio.

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Make those audio memos professional!

Wearing a suit may be required.

Everything Else

Learn to live with the sound of your own voice.
Memos, on the fly recordings, audio diaries, murder mystery evidence contemplation - TP Memos is what you need.

Hardware voice recorders are cool, but TP Audio Memos are more convenient!

Hardware recorder only for hardcore Twin Peaks fans.

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